The term azimuth is derived from Arabic and denotes a measurement in a spherical space. Azimuth is a short fashion VR film that explores Brutalist architectures and environments as elemental triptychs in a 360° space
water | solid | ether
birth | life | legacy
zygotic | mitotic | mutation
Fashion performances are imaged for each of these states to an immersive ambisonics original score. It is an experimentation of 360° live action filming with underwater, aerial and drone rigging. 3D captures such as the Lidar scanning of the atrium of Ponte Tower, Johannesburg and with a 64-camera DSLR rig for photogrammetry were rendered into monumental geography. 
Conceptualised and produced in South Africa, Azimuth is testimony to collaborative practice and digital fashion expressions from a Global South. The short film is currently screening within VR categories of international short film festivals. 
Credits | Dir. Nirma Madhoo | Co-producers Jimmy Reynolds + Simon Ratcliffe | VR Co-Producers Caitlin Robinson + Ingrid Kopp + Steven Markovitz for Electric South | Featuring Lorin Sookool | Digital Artistry Photogrammetry + Animation Jason Stapleton | Fashion by Jessica Shuttleworth + Shari Akal + Jenevieve Lyons | Styling Jeandre Venter | HMUA Tiffany Adams + Maxine Brooks | Digital Assets generated with BlackGinger + Timeslice Cinematography | Stunt Rigging by Rigology | Camera + Aerial Rigging by JRFilm + JP Eichler |  VR Post support Black Rhino VR | Roto The Edit Room | Editing Nirma Madhoo | Musical Composition Simon Ratcliffe | Ambisonics Carl Roberts @ Sound & Motion Studios | Supported by PPC Imaginarium