The term azimuth is derived from Arabic and denotes a measurement in a spherical space. Azimuth is a short fashion VR film that explores South African Brutalist-scapes as elemental triptychs in a 360° space
water | solid | ether
birth | life | legacy
zygotic | mitotic | mutation
Fashion performances are imaged for each of these states to an immersive ambisonics original score. It is an experimentation of live action filming with underwater and aerial rigging of 360° cameras. The model was 3D captured in a photogrammetry rig in Cape Town and imaged in a model referencing the Ponte Tower (Johannesburg)  atrium.
Azimuth captures the technological sublime of regional Brutalist architectures and is testimony to collaborative practice and digital fashion in South Africa. The short film is screening within VR categories of international short film festivals. 
Credits | Dir. Nirma Madhoo | Co-producers Jimmy Reynolds + Simon Ratcliffe | VR Co-Producers Caitlin Robinson + Ingrid Kopp + Steven Markovitz for Electric South | Featuring Lorin Sookool | Digital Artistry Photogrammetry + Animation Jason Stapleton | Fashion by Jessica Shuttleworth + Shari Akal + Jenevieve Lyons | Styling Jeandre Venter | HMUA Tiffany Adams + Maxine Brooks | Digital Assets generated with BlackGinger + Timeslice Cinematography | Stunt Rigging by Rigology | Camera + Aerial Rigging by JRFilm + JP Eichler |  VR Post support Black Rhino VR | Roto The Edit Room | Editing Nirma Madhoo | Musical Composition Simon Ratcliffe | Ambisonics Carl Roberts @ Sound & Motion Studios | Supported by PPC Imaginarium