Digital Fashion  |  HYBRID CRAFT
fashion + 3D Printed & embroidered hybrid facemask: Jessica Shuttleworth
Photography: Keith Kenneth and Nirma Madhoo
Model: Nontobeko Mbuyazi  | Agency: Models International Durban  |  Make-Up: Scott Burnett
Creative and Art Direction: Nirma Madhoo  |  Production:  Capturevate

Digital Fashion as Praxis: Transformative Collaboration in a DH Context. 
Paper submitted as critical commentary accompanying the fashion images.
Nirma Madhoo, 2018
"This submission stands out for its digital exceptionalism, not only in digital fashion but in digital art and digital photography. Through the use of digital technologies, this project provides new and innovative ways of looking at existing knowledge and understanding of fashion. It also presents a classical example of a paradigm shift from traditional teaching to collaborative and transformational learning (the mentor and mentee collaborative approach is plausible). For this, it is revolutionary, disruptive, trendsetting and game changing. The sheer finesse and flair with which the mentor and mentee have leveraged requisite digital technologies to create this kind of knowledge and produce fashion artefacts of this nature in an often intimidating digital environment, is a major scholarly feat on its own."
NIHSS review, Nirma Madhoo & Jessica Shuttleworth: Best Digital Humanities Shortlist 2018
Digital Fashion | Hybrid Craft
A BTech: Fashion (honours) practice research project by Jessica Shuttleworth, 2017
Images: Jessica Shuttleworth - photography, digital textile print & pattern development and digital printing on textile including neoprene and leather.