OBSIDIAN. A minor planet
A rogue planet captured by AXP 1e-11’s gravitational well 
Basaltic. Melanated. Noir 
A virtual world inhabited by symbiont and avatar, the I.N.A 
homage to Octavia Butler’s protagonist in her oeuvre Fledgling

 OBSIDIAN metaverse | a multiplayer fashion metaverse hosted on social VR site VRChat
launched at Melbourne Fashion Festival | R3vision | MARS Gallery, March 2021
Multiplayer Real-time VR on Oculus Quest 2 | AR installation |  Physical installation with 3D Printed Fashion Artefacts
nirma madhoo  |  jason stapleton  |  kiara gounder  |  ponz​​​​​​​
OBSIDIAN 2.0  with @spiritparticle's virtual-kinetic sketches based on Anthony Howe's sculptures in a prototype inspired by Iris van Herpen's Omniverse show