Future Body is a fashion film exploring digital aesthetics. The fashioned body performs in hyperreality and notions of a cyborgian future subverting gender identity are constructed through the use of CGI, animation and costume design featuring 3D printing technologies.
Direction: nirma madhoo (2015)
Model: Alice Hurel at First Model Management London   |   CGI and Animation: Jenne van der Meer   |   CGI: Devon Fay + Joy Holle Costume Design and 3D printed accessories: Adriana Restrepo   |   Costume Design (Latex): Leanne Broadway   |   Fashion: Dioralop Shoes: Iris van Herpen for United Nude   |   Styling: Hangna Koh   |   MUA: Unit 1 - Kat Krupa-Ringuet  + Unit 2 Josie Chan   
DP: Unit 1 - Nick Morris + Unit 2 - Nicholas Stylianou   Camera Operators: Nick Morris + Nicholas Stylianou + Hung-Chun Wang  Gaffer / Grip: Hung-Chun Wang   |   Production Assistant: Yang Ruijia   |   Post-Production: Nirma Madhoo VFX: Alastair McColl     Audio Technician: Andrew Sutherland   |   Soundtrack: Abyss by Duncan Pittock + Infected by Dan Skinner + Twisted Anarchy by Mark Dennis   |   Production: nirma madhoo for studio anatomy