Labtayt Sulci is the name of the deepest canyon marking the face of Saturn's moon, Enceladus. The presence of vast warm oceans and water vapour under its icy crust was confirmed by NASA recently amidst hypotheses of the possibility of life on this moon. Fashion performance speculates about the technological sublime and an exobiological Other in this brief exploration of digital aesthetics, merging VFX with live action filming in-studio and in Iceland.
Direction: Nirma Madhoo  |  VFX: Alastair McColl
Model: Maxine at Anti-Agency | Akhona Sibisi at Ice Durban
Styling: Hangna Koh  |  Fashion: Yun-Pai Liu + Siwon Lee | Costume: Shari Akal Fowles
Shoes: Iris van Herpen x United Nude
HMUA: Holly Jordan + Kat Krupa-Ringuet + Wadene Ngubane
DP + Camera: Kit McKenzie + Nick Morris + Jimmy Reynolds
Additional Camera: Hung-Chun Wang + Shayne Chipps
Production Assistant: Khristopher Morgan
Video Editing: Nirma Madhoo
Image Credit (Enceladus) Opening Sequence: NASA | JPL | Space Science Institute 2008
Special thanks to:  London College of Fashion Global Outlook Award 2015
White Light Ltd London | Arcanum Glacier Tours Iceland | Arcanum Guesthouse Iceland